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What is Reverse Osmosis Water?


Did you know The Water Bar sells reverse osmosis water in-store and for delivery? There are many reasons why someone may need "R.O." water instead of alkaline water. Below we've listed a few ways that R.O. water can be used.

First, What is reverse osmosis?  

Reverse Osmosis is a process through which water pressure pushes tap water through a semipermeable membrane that allows relatively small water molecules, but not larger molecules such as dissolved minerals (e.g. Salt) to pass through.

Once we complete the RO process at The Water Bar, the majority of water is then put through a mineralization process to create our great tasting 10 pH alkaline water; we save a portion of RO water that does not get mineralized. When you're inside the store you'll notice that the last 2 sinks in the filling station area are actually connected to our reverse osmosis water line. Our RO water has an average pH level of 7. 

What Can I Use Reverse Osmosis Water For?

1. Brewing Beer

If you're brewing beer at home, it's recommended to begin your brewing process with purified water or neutral water with a pH level of 7. Commercial breweries may use different baselines between 6.5 and 7.5 pH depending on the type of beer.

Using water that is lower than 6 pH OR using water higher than 8 pH can drastically affect the chemical reactions in the brewing process which could impede the fermentation or even sour the flavor or the beer. Reverse osmosis water treatment removes minerals and any impurities in the water to bring the H20 to its most pure form. 

Tasting Beer

2. Aquariums

Using RO water for your fresh water aquariums can be great for the overall health of your fish and your filtration equipment. If you use RO water for your fish tank, make sure you properly mineralize the water before introducing any aquatic life. 

Benefits of reverse osmosis water for your fish tank include filtering out tap water contaminants like various salts, nitrates, calcium, chlorine, and heavy metals. Another huge benefit of RO water is reducing the amount algae build up in your tank, keeping it cleaner for longer periods of time. 

Fish Store

3. Whiskey Ice

Do you enjoy a nice whiskey on the rocks, or any spirit on the rocks for that matter? Reverse osmosis water is perfect for making your own clear ice at home.


Why not just use alkaline water?  The extra minerals added into alkaline water causes the ice to freeze translucent instead of transparent. For that beautiful see-through ice like you get at nice bars and restaurants, you need to freeze water that is 7 pH or near neutral (between 6.7 pH - 7.3 pH). The Water Bar sells 10 lbs bags of crystal clear ice at our store, but you can also buy RO water straight from our faucets in-store for your ice molding tray at home. 

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